Crazy technique, perfection and exception: the creations of the Atelier du tranchet are laced with fetishes, bringing customers right into an underground universe well beyond luxury.

Some of their models refer to mythical imagery such as that of H.R. Giger, the brilliant Oscar-winning illustrator (for Alien), inventor of the Erotic Bio mannerism machine-bodies, author of the legendary cover of the Brain Salad Surgery album by Emerson Lake & Palmer. Others turn out to be millenarians, fascinating concentrates of Modern Fetish and Body Savage. Creator of a form of pulp-leather, the Christophe do not forsake for all that the intrinsic arcanes of the trade. A foot remains a foot. And must find a shoe to fit.... A question of construction.

The first meeting is in the workshop to get a feel for the world. The orders are made at the customer's place or at the workshop.
The measurement and fitting are done exclusively by our companion / artist.
The deadline is 6 to 9 months. Delivery to the workshop or to the customer's home / on estimate for abroad.
A miniature of the masterpiece is made for every T model or Tranchet Vif in exotic leather.
A belt of the same leather is made with a house buckle for any Tranchet Vif box model.

modele T

modele T

Bespoke and excess

tranchet vif

tranchet vif

The first bespoke sneakers worldwide




You wish to make an appointment in the workshop to order your custom-made pair. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Our responsible commitments

Our responsible commitments

Privileging the best of French know-how
and the proximity of production

All our models are imagined and designed in France, in Paris, capital of fashion. Our made-to-measure shoes, made by craftsmen in our own workshop, have the "Made in Paris" label. The same goes for our accessories. Our sneakers are produced in Guimares, Portugal, a European reference in this field.

Being part of the slow fashion

By making limited editions to avoid overproduction and potential destruction of surplus. We ensure the upcycling of our models thanks to our artistic director. Our accessories are made with the scraps of our shoes. For custom-made products, we select skins of exceptional quality from the unused stocks of the major French luxury houses and their associated tanneries. By using them, we reduce the environmental impact and offer our customers the best possible quality.

fostering sustainability

We design our models to ensure maximum sustainability.
You also play a role in sustainability by following the recommendations for use (see the tab on our care tips). We encourage you to buy less but better by affirming your style without over-consuming.

Believe in a model that consists in producing as much as possible...

And at a fair price in relation to the quality of manufacture of our partners.
We position ourselves in a vision that creates long-term value for our ecosystem. That's why there are no sales.

Support an NGO

XXXX specialist in water recycling to complete our societal and environmental commitment.
10 euros per pair will be donated directly to this NGO. You can also overpay when you pay, thus joining the community by associating yourself with our responsible commitments.

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