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The workshop

Created in 2015 and nestled in the north of the capital, the Atelier du Tranchet is a den of discerning clients well kept by Christophe Corthay - a hybrid journeyman with no limits sculpting shoes like works of art - and Philippe de Paillette - a savvy entrepreneur in the luxury world.

L'Atelier du Tranchet is a name, a know-how and a rock spirit, where quality and excellence are at the service of unlimited creativity. Our shoes are designed for a life in motion, to leave its mark; whether they are bespoke in our Parisian workshop or produced in ready-to-wear in our Portuguese partner factory, they are distinguished by their sharp, underground design, often inspired by an offbeat heroic-fantasy. Atelier du Tranchet's creations know how to mix ancestral know-how and audacity: since its creation, the workshop has chosen to make innovation one of the fundamentals of its production, by constantly evolving towards techniques adapted to the integration of more sustainable materials. Our sneakers and shoes are tenacious, anchoring themselves firmly and for a long time in the dressing rooms of demanding customers, whatever their idea of luxury and style.

Art and materials

In keeping with the traditions of the “Compagnons du Devoir”, each bespoke shoe from the Atelier du Tranchet is a true work of art.

The shoe, an art of craft

Since 2016, shoe manufacturing has been recognized as a craft. The know-how, expertise and technicality of the market players are thus honored. In 2020, shoes are invading museums: "Walk and walk" at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris, Christian Louboutin at the Palais de la Porte Dorée in Paris, "Playground - sneakers conquering the world" at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Bordeaux.

The art of the bootmaker

The shape that perfectly fits the foot, the pattern from which the pieces are cut, the stitching that assembles them to make the upper, the assembly that gives life to the shoes and the final patina, these are more than 150 operations necessary to create a custom shoe and perfectly mastered by the Atelier du Tranchet.

The artist's shoe

The artist reveals himself first in the choice and the work of the material.
The artist knows the resources and the whims, the possibilities and the reticence of the material, his material: master in every sense of the word.
He speaks only of her in the intimacy of those who share the same profession.
Christophe Corthay, like a modern Demiurge, has the art of putting at your feet the most fearsome animals, from the Python to the Alligator, but also the most tender ones such as the calf. But it is especially in the drawing that Christophe reveals himself. It is the first gesture, the most important and the first step of the creative process. His boundless imagination feeds on a universe that oscillates between rock and comics...
The patina is finally the artistic act assuming a choice of sharp and recognizable colors. From bright red to deep blue, Christophe's palette is alive and well.

From instep to kick. From the craftsman to the artist. There are two of them.
Two extraordinary, strong, radical personalities who have chosen to move forward in a different way, outside of the cliché codes of the profession, but still in line with an age-old know-how.

Our responsible commitments

Our responsible commitments

Privileging the best of French know-how
and the proximity of production

All our models are imagined and designed in France, in Paris, capital of fashion. Our made-to-measure shoes, made by craftsmen in our own workshop, have the "Made in Paris" label. The same goes for our accessories. Our sneakers are produced in Guimares, Portugal, a European reference in this field.

Being part of the slow fashion

By making limited editions to avoid overproduction and potential destruction of surplus. We ensure the upcycling of our models thanks to our artistic director. Our accessories are made with the scraps of our shoes. For custom-made products, we select skins of exceptional quality from the unused stocks of the major French luxury houses and their associated tanneries. By using them, we reduce the environmental impact and offer our customers the best possible quality.

fostering sustainability

We design our models to ensure maximum sustainability.
You also play a role in sustainability by following the recommendations for use (see the tab on our care tips). We encourage you to buy less but better by affirming your style without over-consuming.

Believe in a model that consists in producing as much as possible...

And at a fair price in relation to the quality of manufacture of our partners.
We position ourselves in a vision that creates long-term value for our ecosystem. That's why there are no sales.

Support an NGO

XXXX specialist in water recycling to complete our societal and environmental commitment.
10 euros per pair will be donated directly to this NGO. You can also overpay when you pay, thus joining the community by associating yourself with our responsible commitments.

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